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Audio conference solutions for small to mid-sized conference rooms.


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SoundStation2 is the ideal conference phone for small to midsize conference rooms that seat up to 10 participants. Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ technology delivers exceptional performance and voice quality, making your conference calls clearer and more productive. Industry-leading full duplex technology provides natural, simultaneous two-way conversation without clipping or drop-outs that are common in traditional speakerphone.  View the Data Sheet for more information.


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The SoundStation2W wireless conference phone extends mobile conferencing to virtually any environment by eliminating the need to connect via dedicated telephone or data lines. Anywhere high-quality voice conferencing is needed, the SoundStation2W™ phone delivers.  View the Data Sheet for more information.

SoundStation Duo

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The SoundStation Duo Dual-mode Conference Phone for any large organization or small, thousands of conference rooms or just one, you have a need to bring dispersed teams, business partners, and customers together to communicate and collaborate. Conference phones from Polycom have become the de facto standard for connecting groups of people across multiple locations. With the Polycom® SoundStation Duo conference phone, Polycom has taken the concepts of group productivity tool and standard office workhorse to a new level for small to midsize rooms, delivering the ultimate in deployment flexibility, ease of use, and audio quality. View the Data Sheet for more information.


Polycom® Expansion Microphones are available for expanded room coverage, providing clearer, more natural conferencing and higher productivity. Each accessory kit includes two Extended Microphones for optimal coverage.

Please contact ITS Telecom to find the correct extended microphone kit for your SoundStation model.