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Today's Businesses depend on reliable phone systems as the heart of their communications needs

Manufacturers are offering a huge variety of choices in every configuration imaginable making it difficult to weed through the variables to clearly see what you really need.

So, what really counts in a telephone system?...The productivity you get for your investment. The best telephone system for your company will be the one that delivers the most value, based on your specific and unique needs.

It will offer flexible features and functions that will improve productivity, efficiency , and customer service as well as build customer relationships, increase revenues, and give you a competitive edge.

You want to get the features that your business will actually use, and you want to get everything you need at a fair price - no mater what your size or situation - there's a business telephone system that fits your needs perfectly.

There are some basic phone system features that you can expect: phones with displays and programmable keys, including park/hold/transfer and optional voicemail. But there are many other valuable features to consider.

Five Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Telephone System

When shopping for a phone system a phone dealer can help you choose the best system for your business, but you should understand the basics.

1. Size - Is the system the right size for my business now and is its' capacity expandable or upgradeable to accommodate my business' growth? Consider the number of lines and extensions you'll need as this will determine the size of the system you'll buy.

2. Modularity - It makes sense to purchase a modular system that will grow with your business rather than an inexpensive system that you'll quickly outgrow and need to replace in a year or two.

3. Price - It's difficult to estimate phone system prices because the total cost depends on installation charges, whether your require wiring or telephone and/or data, the type of equipment you select, and the options you choose (voicemail, wireless headsets, etc.).

4. Products - Telecommunications experts usually recommend buying popular brands over buying obscure brands. Not only is it easier to find dealers that can provide support and system upgrades for popular brands, but it also will be easier to find a new dealer if you become dissatisfied with the dealer who originally sold you the system.

5. Features - Does the system include all the features and functions my business needs? Is it easy and intuitive to use? Base your feature selection on how employees will use the phone system and how calls get routed through your business. The most common features include:

Call Forwarding, Hold, Speakerphone, Speed Dial, Auto Attendant & Custom Call Routing (CCR), Voicemail

Let's explore what to look for - and avoid - in a business telephone system...


In Depth


Live call recording

Advanced Caller ID

Music-on-Hold or Messaging-on-Hold (MOH)

Auto Attendant

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Help and Tutorials

Other Advanced Features

The Bottom Line